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2020 Program Schedule GMT STANDARD

__Tuesday: WHISTLER Whistler was the host and narrator of the tales, which focused on crime and fate.
__Wednesday: GANG BUSTERS authentic police case histories
__Thursday: ELLERY QUEEN a CBS detective drama that will keep you on the edge of your chair.
__Friday: FRANK RACE a former OSS officer around the world from one scrape to another
__Saturday: NERO WOLFE the galloping gourmet, was an armchair detective.
__Sunday: SUSPENSE "radio's outstanding theater of thrills"
__Monday: ROGER CORWIN Dramas
0030 SAM SPADE created by writer Dashiell Hammett for The Maltese Falcon
__Mon: BIG STORY or BIGTOWN two newspaper based series in rotation
__Tues: SAINT swashbuckling, devil-may-care Robin Hood type who attempts to help people
__Weds: JOHNNY DOLLAR America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator
__Thurs: Mr and Mrs North American amateur detectives
__Fri Sat: (Various)
__Sun: Frontier Town Chad Remington's quest to bring his father's killer to justice
__Mon: The MARRIAGE Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy. Based on their earlier Broadway play, The Fourposter
__Tues: OZZIE AND HARRIET family situation comedy.
__Weds: HALLS OF IVY Ronald Colman as William Todhunter Hall, the president of small, Midwestern Ivy College
__Thurs: PHIL HARRIS SHOW starring real life couple Alice Faye and Phil Harris
__Fri: FATHER KNOWS BEST American sitcom starring Robert Young
__Sat: Variety Comedy Series
__Sun: ALAN YOUNG SHOW Alan being led into situations well over his head
0200 LUX RADIO THEATER a classic radio anthology series,
0300 The LONE RANGER fictional masked former Texas Ranger who fought outlaws in the American Old West
0330 HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL Paladin, a gentleman-turned-gunfighter
0400 FORT LARAMIE life at old Fort Laramie during the 19th Century
0430 TALES OF TEXAS RANGERS Western police procedural drama
0500 FRONTIER GENTLEMAN Wild West through the eyes of a British correspondent from the London Times
0530 GUNSMOKE Dodge City, Kansas, during the settlement of the American West.
0600 SIX SHOOTER Britt Ponset, a drifting cowboy in the final years of the wild west.
0630 FRONTIER PLAYHOUSE (Various western dramas)
0700 The LONE RANGER Masked rider bringing justice to the west
0730 INNER SANCTUM stories of mystery, terror and suspense
0800 CBS MYSTERY THEATER world of the macabre
0845 CHALLENGE OF THE YUKON adventure show with a dog as the hero.
0900 GREEN HORNET Britt Reid, daring young publisher, matches wits with the Underworld
0930 CLYDE BEATTY finds new and more extravagant beasts for his circus performances
1000 BARRIE CRAIG Craig had a laid-back personality, somewhat cutting against the popular hard-boiled detective stereotype.
1030 BOSTON BLACKIE "enemy to those who make him an enemy, friend to those who have no friend."
1100 MR DISTRICT ATTORNEY The series focused on a crusading D.A....Paul Garrett.
1130 ESCAPE DRAMAS radio's leading anthology series of high-adventure radio dramas
1200 DRAGNET enacting the cases of a dedicated Los Angeles police detective, Sergeant Joe Friday, and his partners.
1230 DRAMAS anthology series collection.
1300 The LONE RANGER Masked former Texas Ranger who fought outlaws in the American Old West with his Native American friend, Tonto.
1330 CAVALCADE OF AMERICA anthology drama series that was sponsored by the DuPont Company, although it occasionally presented musicals
1400 OTR DRAMA THEATER (Various)
1500 DR CHRISTIAN Small town physician solves problems with common sense and scientific training.
1530 MIKE SHAYNE a fictional private detective character created during the late 1930s by writer Brett Halliday
1600 PHILO VANCE a stylish, even foppish dandy; a New York bon vivant possessing a highly intellectual bent
1630 DANGEROUS ASSIGNMENT US special agent Steve Mitchell travels to exotic locales all over the world, where he would encounter adventure and international intrigue
1700 THIS is your FBI... detailing real life cases from their files rotating with other FBI shows
1730 PHILIP MARLOWE a wisecracking, hard-drinking, tough private eye
1800 BOB and RAY an American comedy duo whose career spanned five decades.
1830 OTR MEMORIES 4 U Vintage Radio Documentaries
1858 The Rest Of The Story w/Paul Harvey
1900 Best of DRAGNET with Jack Webb as Det. Sgt. Joe Friday.
1930 Best of GUNSMOKE with William Conrad as marshall Matt Dillon.
2000 HALLMARK PLAYHOUSE radio drama at the highest level. And they certainly delivered! Using scripts or stories that were for the most part already known to the public, they got the best actors too
2030 HOLLYWOOD THEATER top screen personality each week in original stories of mystery and adventure
2100 NBC THEATER NBC University Theater was a radio series directed by Homer Heck that presented adaptations of classic novels.
2230 DRAGNET His name was Friday he was a cop...
__Mon: Various OTR cops series
__Tues: MR KEEN a tracer of lost persons
__Weds: NIGHTBEAT a reporter covers the night beat for the Chicago Star, encountering criminals and troubled souls.
__Thurs: SHADOW "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!"
__Fri: BOX 13 the escapades of newspaperman-turned-mystery novelist Dan Holiday, played by film star Alan Ladd.
__Sat/Sun: Various
2330 RICHARD DIAMOND a wisecracking, former police officer turned private detective.

World Clock

Chris Noel (born on July 2, 1941) is a radio DJ, and actress of the 1960s.

Born: July 2, 1941, Omaha, Nebraska
When Hollywood turned stridently against the war and the men who fought it, Chris Noel stuck with the GIs—and she's still with them.
To Vietnam veterans, she needs no introduction, she was the one who came over to entertain the troops and ended up a "casualty" herself, sharing the daily risks of the servicemen on the field, and suffering the same ungrateful treatment back home. As the Armed Forces Network's first female DJ, she gained immediate popularity with the GI's through her program A Date With Chris, [and is credited with introducing the mini-skirt to the Far East].

an Elvis Woman...|...AFRTS Archive HistoryNet

LABELS or Titles of subjects (BIOs and PROGRAM PROFILE POSTS) (more to come)

A Date With Judy ABC (USA) Abroad with the Lockharts actors AFKN AFN AFRS AFRTS Alan Bunce Alan Young Alice Faye Alistair Cooke Allen Ludden America's Popular Music American Album of Familiar Music Andre Baruch Andre Kostelanetz Presents Andy Mayfield Anne Ashenhurst Anne Hummert Announcers Announcers Revue 1934 APPS ARCHIVES Arthur Godfrey Arthur Hughes Audiorac Barrie Craig Barry Gray Barry Thomson BBC Bea Benaderet Bea Wain Beat the Band Bell Telephone Hour Benita Hume Bennett Kilpack Bennett Kilpatrick Bert Parks Better Half Betty and Bob Betty Lou Gerson Big Sister Bill Forman Bill Herz Bill Johnstone Bill Stewart Bill Wendell Bing Crosby Blake Edwards block programming BLUE Network Bob and Ray Bob Bailey Bob Burlen Bob Hope BOOKS Boston Blackie Brace Beemer Brian Donlevy Bride and Groom Bud Collyer Burns and Allen Captain Midnight Carleton Young Cases of Mr Ace Cathy Lewis Cavalcade of America CBS Mystery Theater CBS News CBS Radio CBS World News Roundup Challenge of the Yukon Chase Chester Morris Chris Noel Chuck Cecil Clyde Beatty College Bowl Columbia Broadcasting System Command Performance Crazy Water Crystal Dana Andrews Dangerous Assignment Dashiell Hammett David Brian David Janssen David Ross Dean Carleton Dick Powell Dick Tracy Dinah Shore Don Ameche Don Quinn Donald Voorhees Doris Day Dr Christian Dragnet Duffy's Tavern Dwight Weist E G Marshall Earle Graser Easy Aces Ed Begley Ed Gardner Eddie Cantor electrical transcriptions Ellen Deering Ellery Queen Elliott Lewis Enchanted Hour Enoch Light ET's Ethel and Albert Fat Man Father Knows Best Federal Agent Fibber McGee and Molly Fitch Bandwagon Floyd Mack Francis Langford frank bresee bobb lynes Frank Hummert Frank Lovejoy Frank Munn Frank Sinatra Fred Allen Fred Foy Freedom USA Front Page Farrell Gabriel Heatter Gale Gordon Garry Moore genre schedule George Burns George Raft George Seaton George Stenius George W Trendle Gerald Mohr Goodman Ace Goon Show Granby's Green Acres Grand Hotel Grantland Rice Great Gildersleeve Green Hornet Gunsmoke Halls Of Ivy Hans Conried Harold Peary Harriet Hilliard Harry Von Zell Have Gun – Will Travel Heartbeat Theater Heb Ellis Hollywood Barn Dance Hollywood Playhouse Hollywood Star Theater Hollywood Theater Horace Heidt and his Musical Knights Howard Culver Howard Duff Howard Miller Hubert Updike III Hugh Marlowe I Devise and Bequeath I Was A Communist For The FBI Igor Goren Incredible But True Indictment Inner Sanctum Inspector Thorne Ira Cook It's Time To Smile J Edgar Hoover J Scott Smart Jack Armstrong Jack Bailey Jack Benny Jack Kirkwood Jack Moyles Jack Paar Jack Webb Jackson Beck Janet Waldo Jason Remington Jay C Flippen Jay Jostyn Jay Novello Jayce Pearson Jean Gillespie Jean Hersholt Jim Ameche Jim Backus Jim Kelly Jim Taylor Jimmy Stewart Jimmy Wakely Jimmy Wallington Joan Alexander Joel McCrea John A Gambling John Dehner John Emery John Todd Johnny Dollar Johnny Madero Pier 23 Jordan Jose Ferrer Jose Melis Joseph Kearns Kate Smith Kenneth Roberts Keys to the Capitol KLAC Lamont Cranston Late Night Lounge Lawrence Dobkin Lee Tracy Les Mitchell Les Paul Let's Pretend Life of Riley Light Up Time Little Orphan Archie Lloyd Nolan Lon Clark Lone Ranger LINKS Louise Erickson Lucille Ball Lum 'N Abner Lurene Tuttle Lux Radio Theatre Magnecorder Margo Lane Martin Block Martin Kane Marvin Miller Mary Ford Mary Healy Mary Tyler Moore Master Detective Matt Crowley Maurice Tarplin Meet Corliss Archer Mel Blanc Mel Brandt MEMORABILIA Mike Clancy Mike Shayne Mike Wallace Movietown Radio Theater Mr Keen Mr. District Attorney Music America Loves Best Mutual Radio My Favorite Husband My Son Jeep NBC NBC Bandstand NBC Radio Network Ned Wever Nero Wolfe new age music Nick Carter Norman Corwin Nuages Old Ads Orson Welles Our Gal Sunday Ovaltine Ozzie and Harriet Ozzie Nelson Pacific Story Palmolive Hour Parley Edward Baer Paul Garrett Paul Harvey Pause That Refreshes Peg Lynch Percy Faith Perry Como Peter Lind Hayes Phil Baker Phil Clarke Phil Harris Philip Marlowe Philo Vance Pierre Andre Ports Of Call Private Detective Private Eye PROGRAM BLOCKS Queen For A Day Ranger Bill Raymond Edward Johnson Raymond Scott recording RED Netork Rex Stout Richard Denning Richard Diamond Richard Kollmar Richard Widmark Rin Tin Tin Ripley's Believe It Or Not Robert Trout Robert Young Rocky Fortune Rocky Jordan Ronald Coleman Rosemary DeCamp Salvation Army Sam Spade Samuel Bischoff SCHEDULE (BLOCKS) Sgt Preston Shadow Sherlock Holmes Silver Eagle Songs By Sinatra sound off Spike Jones Stacy Harris Stage Struck Stan Freberg Stars Over Hollywood Steve Dunne Steve Mitchell Stoopnagle and Budd Studio X Superman Suspense Sydney Greenstreet Sydney Smith Take It or Leave It Tales Of The Texas Rangers Ted Weems Terror of the Artic Tex Ritter The Adventures of Uncle Jimmy The American Trail The Life of Riley The Lone Ranger The Saint The Shadow The Swingin' Years This Is Your FBI Tonto Tracer of Lost Persons Turn Back the Clock Tyrone Power Uncle Jimmy Unexpected Up For Parole Van Heflin Vatican Radio Verne Smith Vic Perrin Vicki Vola Vincent Price Virginia Gregg Warren William We Hold These Truths WGN What's My Line Whistler WHN Wild Bill Hickok Willard Waterman William Bendix William Conrad William Farnum William Gargan William Woodson WOR WQXR WXYZ Your Hit Parade Yours Truly Johnny Dollar Yukon King

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