PARLEY BAER (1914 - 2002) Prolific radio actor


Episode 36 aired February 22, 1948 over the CBS Radio Network. A professor who has rejected companionship is haunted by an invisible creature. Luis Van Rooten as Professor Guildea and the narrator, Father Murchison played by Parley Edward Baer (PHOTO) (August 5, 1914 – November 22, 2002) who was an American actor in radio and later in television and film. Despite dozens of appearances in television series and theatrical films, he remains best known as the original "Chester" in the radio version of Gunsmoke, and as the Mayor of Mayberry (Roy Stoner) in The Andy Griffith Show. 

NORMAN ROSE Actor, Announcer, Narrator

Norman Rose (June 23, 1917 – November 12, 2004) was an American actor, film narrator and radio announcer whose velvety baritone was often called "the Voice of God" by colleagues. He was best known as the narrator's voice in the fictitious coffee grower's Juan Valdez Colombian coffee television commercials and the announcer-narrator of NBC's Dimension X. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rose started acting while a student at George Washington University in Washington, DC. Rose honed his craft at the Actors Studio Drama School in New York, then landed parts in plays on and off-Broadway. Rose was the narrator for the satirical 1972 hit song Deteriorata, which was recorded by comedy group National Lampoon for the album Radio Dinner. He also recorded numerous books for the blind and narrated the 70th anniversary broadcast of the Academy Awards. He also was a drama instructor at the Juilliard School. WIKIPEDIA Norman Rose Bio

The audio player showcases Norman Rose as an actor on a CBS Mystery Theater of January 19, 1974. Episode 14 A young girl with criminal tendencies is taken by a couple who discover her peculiar talent for retrieving lost things...including corpses.


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