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The Clyde Beatty Radio Show (1950-1952)

 Vic Perrin, veteran Hollywood character actor, played Clyde Beatty on the radio series. Hear the 52 episodes on RADIOthen.network.
During the 1930's, '40's and '50's, Clyde Beatty
  [photo:left] enjoyed a celebrity status that, today, we only associate with leading athletes and movie stars. In addition to top billing in the circus world, he was the subject of several best-selling books, starred in a number of hit motion pictures. The idea for a Clyde Beatty radio show came from Shirley Thomas, the wife of Walter White, whose Commodore Productions had scored a major financial triumph in 1949 with a syndicated Hopalong Cassidy radio show. The basic premise of The Clyde Beatty Show was best summed up in the announcement that opened each episode: "The world's greatest wild animal trainer Clyde Beatty with an exciting adventure from his brilliant career". The series was produced in Los Angeles using top West Coast talent. Radio actor Vic Perrin [photo: above] played the part of Clyde Beatty and Eve McVeagh was his wife Harriett. (By the time the show aired, the real Harriett Beatty had passed away. However, the producers retained her as a character and she figured prominently in most of the stories,)



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